Redline’s manufacturing factory is situated at Somerset West in Cape Town, with the Marketing Division located in Claremont (also in Cape Town). Redline is the world's largest and most reputable manufacturer of Disposable Alcohol Breathalysers, holding all major International Certifications for both Quality of Performance and Manufacturing Standards.

Nic van den Bergh

Nic van den Bergh

Nicolaas Van Den Bergh, former Deputy Chairman of Longmile Ltd.

Investments included Mastertreads, Trentyre, Kwikfit and the Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company joined Redline 25 years ago and is responsible for International Marketing and Finance.

Robert Schlusche

Robert Schlusche Factory Director

Robert Schlusche is our factory manager, responsible for daily production and the control of our laboratory, including the manufacture of our chemical formula together with the stringent quality control measures, which have to be adopted in terms of International quality Standards for the French NF.

He has worked at Redline for over 20 years.

Hugh Butler


Hugh Butler is the founder of the business and was responsible for the original development of the product and has been involved in Redline Products for over 20 years.

He is responsible for all technical aspects, production and product development including research and liaison with Government laboratories around the world.

Geraldine Anderson

Geraldine Anderson

Financial Director

Geraldine Anderson is the Management Accountant for Redline Products.

She has been with Redline for over 15 years.

Chris le Roux

Chris le Roux

Techincal Manager

Stephen Latsky

Stephen Latsky

General Manager


Redline Breathalysers is one of the main suppliers to the whole of France. So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Nic van den Bergh, International Marketing